Virginia Workforce Centers have partnered with the Chambers of Commerce. This partnership enables VWC to deliver even better services. This partnership helped us reach our goal to connect employers with employees. Now VWC can offer better human resource needs for a fraction of the cost and time. 


We offer a lot of services. Some of them are:


  • Screening for Pre-employment and Job Registrations

Job vacancies listings. We offer direct work with our business service representatives. They offer assistance for businesses and job seekers alike. They will help you get the job and register everything when you get it. 


  • Events for Target Recruiting

Finding jobs today is unlike the past. Traditional job fairs are a thing of the past. Now some services connect workers to employers directly. No useless waiting around and additional costs. Our business service representatives coordinate everything for you. They will help you hire or get hired in no time.


  • Work Experiences and Internships

Participants of this program get the chance to get to know their potential employees or employer. Employees also get the chance to familiarize themselves with the industry as a whole. Participants get paid by VWC for a limited time. 


  • Job Training

On-the-job training programs are gaining in popularity. They provide advanced skills and great training to program goers. Dislocated workers and WIA-eligible adults and older youth are among the primary candidates of this program. 


The participants gain knowledge and qualifications to work long-term jobs and be self-sufficient. The participants also acquire specific skills for groups of jobs that might be useful in future employment.  Employers agree with VWC to hire, train and keep participants upon completion of the program. The program also offers reimbursements in employee wages while they are in training. This reimbursement goes up to 50% of their salary.  But the participants may not receive less than the minimum wage declared by the state. 


Participants must meet the WIA eligibility criteria:

  • Low income
  • 18 years or older
  • Legal authorization to work in the United States
  • Selective service provision compliance


Employers on the other hand must have established businesses. They also need to have worker compensation insurance. Employers can get reimbursed for the extraordinary training and supervision costs as well as compensations for the lower productivity of the trainees. 


  • Incumbent Worker Training

To be more attentive to the needs of employers, the WPWIB has gained state permission to restrict a percentage of its WIA funds to current employees for schooling and skills training. 


These established employees, known as incumbent workers, are identified as workers who are currently on the payroll of the candidate employer who has complied with the requirements of the Selective Service. 


By strengthening the capabilities of current workers, this program is designed to achieve your training targets, resulting in improved employee productivity and your company’s future growth.


  • Federal Bonding Program 

Employers have free fidelity bonds available to them. They can be used for new employees that got their coverage denied by commercial carriers because of one of the following reasons: 

  • Arrest, conviction, or incarceration record
  • History of misuse of drugs or alcohol
  • Lack of employment history 
  • Bad History of Credit
  • Dishonorable release from the military


Each bond covers $5,000 for six months beginning the first day the new hire starts his/her employment.


  • Customized Training

There is funding provided for training of specialized skills of new hires and incumbent workers. The program may reimburse up to 50% of the trainee’s wages. The VWC staff will help employers on a case-by-case basis to determine the needs and plans as required. 


  • Plant Closings/Layoffs

Our Rapid Response Unit provides organizations with urgent, on-site downsizing assistance. Virginia Workforce Centers have partnered with the state to help employers and employees with layoffs and closures. (Businesses that are impacted by NAFTA, downsizing, restructuring, relocation, bankruptcy, natural disasters, etc. ).  


  • Resource Lab

Every Virginia Workforce Center is fitted with a resource laboratory comprising of Internet-enabled computer workstations, fax machines, copy machines, and printers. To improve basic reading and math skills and other basic workplace abilities, we provide specialized software. To assess or increase ability levels, the workers will use the lab to complete evaluations. Plus, if pre-assessments are required to evaluate future jobs, it is a perfect place to host targeted recruiting.


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