The Workforce Investment Act requires each region to establish One-Stop Centers. In Virginia, One-Stop Centers are called Virginia Workforce Centers. In the West Piedmont region, serving Danville and Martinsville and the counties of Henry, Patrick, and Pittsylvania, there are five Centers where you as a job seeker can have access to computer resource labs and so much more. There are three levels of service (core, intensive, and training):


Each area is mandated by the Workforce Investment Act to create One-Stop Centers. Virginia Workforce Centers are the One-Stop Centers for Virginia. Five Centers are serving the area of West Piedmont. Here job seekers can use the Centers to access computers, resource labs, and much more. There are also services that the Centers provide.  


Our Core Services


Resource Lab

Every Virginia Workforce Center is fitted with a resource laboratory comprising of Internet-enabled computer workstations, fax machines, copy machines, and printers. To improve basic reading and math skills and other basic workplace abilities, we provide specialized software. If you need assistance, there are managers there to help you out with any questions you might have. 


Resume Development

To build a resume that gets your foot in the door, get advice from our experienced team of case managers. We have up-to-date, advanced resume creation tools at your hands.



To help you plan for the GED and develop basic reading, math, and job skills, there are many tutorials available.


Skills Assessment 

Discover careers that fit you and your abilities the best. Find out what your shortcomings are and what your strengths are to better improve yourself in the future. 



Courses and workshops are available free or at a reduced cost to help you develop your computer skills, do better on a job interview, fill out resumes properly, write a resume, and learn job preparation skills. You’ll also discover how best to look for and find a work of your choice in a community or one-on-one environment.


Intensive Services are available to you if are an unemployed individual who has completed at least one core service, but has not been able to obtain employment, or employed needing additional services to obtain or keep employment that will lead to self-sufficiency.

Training Services are available to you if you have met the requirements for intensive services and have not been able to obtain or keep employment. Individual Training Accounts are established to finance training based upon your choice of selected training programs.


Intensive programs are available to you if you are an unemployed person who has obtained at least one core program but has not been able to get a job. The program is also available if you are a working person who wants additional services to gain or retain jobs that can contribute to self-sufficiency. 


If you have fulfilled the criteria for intensive services and have not been able to find or retain jobs, training services are open to you. Individual Training Accounts are established to help finance training based upon your choice of training programs.