Young people between 14 and 21 qualify for the “Youth on the move” programs by Virginia Workforce Centers. These programs can help them achieve their goals with ease. No matter if they are after educational or career goals, the programs will help them. Each program has a WIA – eligibility requirement. If you meet the requirements, the program will help you out. 


The “Youth on the Move” program offers:

  • Tutoring & Skills for Research
  • Alternative programs for high schools
  • Opportunities for summer jobs specifically related to college and vocational learning
  • Experiences of paying and voluntary jobs
  • Education in occupation skills
  • Growth of Leadership
  • Supportive services
  • Mentoring for Adults
  • Services for Follow-up
  • Thorough advice and therapy


The services are designed to do more than just help you find a career or finish your schooling.


For people out of school, the program offers special training and education. These services are provided for free to candidates. 


These programs are available for:

  • Young people who are high school/ college dropouts
  • Young people who have a high school diploma
  • Young people who need GED job search assistance, basic skills training, or further training


There are jobs on offer for many available occupations. Some are full-time, some are part-time, and some summer jobs. There are a lot of things to pick from and the choice is not always clear. So we offer our service specialists.


Each candidate gets assigned a youth service specialist. That specialist will help with finding the appropriate work, education, or training for you. 


No matter what you need, Virginia Workforce Centers will be able to help you. We have locations nearby and our Yout Service Providers are always ready to help as well.